I have just updated my LG G3 D855 to the latest version V10L (from V10I to V10L) with LG PC Suite Software. But so far I have found nothing that was changed or different.

Easy tutorial on how to update your LG G3 D855 to firmware V10L Steps:

Plug in your usb and select ‘PC Suite’ on your phone and it should automatically open LG PC Suite. (if you haven’t got LG PC Suite – then it SHOULD download it for you)

After this you wait a couple of minutes (about 3-5) to let is properly load and let it look for updates for you LG PC Suite and for your LG G3 phone ….

you then click on –> Tool and then *Phone Upgrade*

If you want to update your LG PC Suite then you click on –> Help and then *Update*

LG PC Suite also looks for updates itself too but you have to wait something like 5mins before its comes up with a small message saying something like ‘New Update Available’ – or something like that.

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Quick Circle works with flip cover (with windows), whenever cover is closed View Screen comes up and shows following information. With this apps, you can do plenty of actions without unlock your device like control your music or turn on the torch.

The app currently include those models:

  • Quick Torch – torch application for Quick Circle and regular torch app
  • Quick Music – music application for Quick Circle that enables you to use any music player (unlike LG’s one)
  • Quick Calendar – show your next events in the Quick Circle
  • Quick Notifications – mirror your notification, so you’ll be able to see them without unlocking
  • Quick Toggles – Control your Wifi, Mobile data, Brightness… without unlocking
  • Quick Stopwatch – Count time with one click
  • Quick Calculator – Calculate stuff fast
  • Quick news – read the important news from your feedly feed
  • Quick Compass – find the north
  • Quick Dialer – call without unlocking

You can choose which module do you want to show from LG settings – Settings >> QuickCircleCase >> Select Apps.

NOTE: APP works with Quick Circle Case.


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Quick Circle Apps

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According to the Korea Electronics Show that an optically stabilized 20.7MP camera from LG is expected to set up in the G4?

The camera module features improved image stabilization compared to the OIS+ tech used in the LG G3. LG even claims it’s better than the OIS system in the new Galaxy Note 4 with double the correction angle.   ———–    GSM Arena (Read More)

Of course, megapixels are far from everything when it comes to smartphone cameras as Apple has managed to make one of the world’s best smartphone cameras that “only” has a resolution of 8 megapixels thanks to its superior camera software. — BGR (Read More)



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