So LG Optimus Elite owners have a new operating system to test and use. Its the same Android 4.0.4 ICS version but with some tweaks and is called the Barebones ICS inspired themed rom.

A much faster boot animation, nullifed boot sound, better, efficient and doesn’t lag.

The major changes that have been made in this version of ICS are:

  • Added extra ringtones,notifications,alarms.
  • K-9 Email added as default email client.
  • Holo Launcher added as default launcher.
  • Cut rom size from 154 to 119 MB
  • Added custom build.prop provided by Hashtag

For more details on how to download and install the first Android 4.0.4 ICS custom ROM for LG Optimus Elite, then let’s keep looking:

  1. Download the rom:
  2. Open your phone and boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
  3. Backup your current system and all files
  4. Perform wipes/formats
  5. Go into the Backup/Recovery Menu
  6. Select Recovery

Warning: Do this at your own risks.

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There are quite a lot of custom ROMs for LG Optimus One but here we especially introduce you the Quattrimus ICS Custom Rom that is base on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for the LG Optimus One line of phones (including LG Optimus S, Optimus V and Vortex. Optimus C, Optimus M, Optimus Black may be supported in the future.

Warning: To install the custom rom at your own risk.  We hold no responsibility if you damage your phone.

Quattrimus ICS Custom Rom latest release:

  • beta2

Quattrimus ICS Custom Rom official page:

This ROM is recommended for developers or advanced users, since this ROM still a beta product.

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It seems that the camera sound on the Sprint version of the LG Optimus G is loud enough to literally fetch the neighbours wondering what the noise is. We need to find a way to let it be disabled or at least changed. The camera Menu – Settings has no option to shut off the sound on Sprint’s version but AT&T’s. However, in some Region, it’s forbidden to make digital camera silence when took a picture. I hope you know what i mean. We do this just for curiosity.

How to shut off camera sound on Sprint LG Optimus G Steps:

  1. To root the LG Optimus G using this method
  2. Open Root Explorer and go to your root directory, then navigate to /system/media/audio/ui, backup or rename the “camera_click.ogg” file to “camera_click.ogg.bak”
  3. In /system open build.prop. Make a backup before editing. About 2/3 of the way down under the group heading "ADDITIONAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES" is one line that reads "" Change the "1" to "0". Save the file.
  4. Reboot your phone

After doing this, when the phone is on silent there is no shutter sound. If you want a silent shutter when the ringer is on, go to System-Sound-Volumes and make the "Touch feedback & System" volume zero.

LG Optimus G Phone Photos - LG Cell Phone Pictures


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