Here is an instructions that has worked on Flashing the many other LG phones, like LG G2, G3, G Flex and more. So it should be the same for the LG L70 MS323.

Before you do the process, you need these software below:

How to Flash / Unbrick LG G Watch:

1. Download all requirements, install LG USB Drivers, extract the LG flash tool zip file. And to make things a little easier, put the firmware in the same directory as where you extracted the flash tool files.



2. Then open the LGFlashTool2014.exe up. For ‘Select Type’ choose 3GQCT. For ‘PhoneMode’ select EMERGENCY. Then go down to Select KDZ file and find the MS32310b_00.kdz file.


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Hey, guys. Here is the Stock Rooted Deodexed Rom for your LG L70 MS323, This rom is mainly for the Themers and inspiring Dev’s to use as a base. It is Rooted and deodexed.

ROM Features:

  • Deodexed APKs in Framework
  • Priv-app and in App
  • CM11 Boot Animtion
  • Supersu.apk is in App
  • DSPManager.apk is in Priv-app

Stock Deodexed L70 ROM Download:

How to install:

  1. Download and put the stock rom to the root of your SDCard
  2. Reboot your LG L70 into CWM recovery
  3. Create a backup
  4. Wipe data/Factory reset
  5. Wipe cache partition
  6. Clear Dalvik cache
  7. Choose the zip to install the Stock Rooted Deodexed Rom
  8. Reboot and Enjoy!


LG L70 MS323 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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This is a new Zippy custom Kernel for LG Optimus L70 MS323.


  • LG Optimus L70 MS323
  • V10A or V10B software version
  • Unlocked Bootloader

Kernel Features:

  • 10A Based
  • Linaro 4.7.4 with -O3 Optimizations
  • CortexA8 Optimizations
  • New Thermal System Added
  • Intelli-Plug added
  • CPU Governors= Intelliactive, Wheatley, Conservative, Lionheart, Performance, Powersave, Ondemand, Userspace, Interactive, Msm-dcvs, Lazy, SmartactiveV2, Hotplu
  • OI Schedulers= Cfq, Noop, Deadline, Cfq, SIO, Test-Shed

How to install kernel on LG Optimus L70:

  1. Use rebooter from playfulgod (Download)
  2. When booted in CWM, select [install zip]
  3. Depending on where you saved the zip, you would either select [choose zip from /sdcard] or [choose zip from /external_sd]
  4. Look for your zip file to where you saved it accordingly and select it
  5. Once it is selected, choose the option [Yes] when it asks you (Confirm install?)
  6. After installation, go all the way back to the start, and reboot (Fix root?) may be asked and select [Yes]
  7. Profit :3

Kernel Downloads:


LG Optimus L70 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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