Start your LG Spirit 4G Android smartphone in Safe Mode. This MODE will allow you to access the device if a setting or software has caused an issue or testing out new configuration parameter settings, and so on.

How to start in Safe Mode on LG Spirit 4G

  1. Power the LG Spirit 4G off.
  2. Hold both “Volume Up & Volume Down” and press “Power Button” until boot screen
  3. Release “Power Button” when boot screen comes on and continue to hold “Volume Up & Volume Down” until unlock screen
  4. Release all and unlock, "SafeMode" should be in the lower left corner of the screen.

To take the device out of Safe Mode, simply turn the device off, then back on.

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The LG Spectrum has a software update coming according to Verizon. Relax, this one as build VS920ZV8 but it’s not Jelly Bean. This is just the first official software update since it received Android 4.0 ICS from Verizon last October.

The update looks like removing some of the bloat on the device including Rhapsody, Blockbuster, V CAST Apps, V CAST App Installer and Verizon Video.

The update is 73.1MB in size and it will probably land shortly.

Check out the full list below.

Device Enhancements and Updates

  • Apps including Rhapsody, V CAST Apps, Verizon Video, V CAST App Installer and Blockbuster have been removed.
  • Improved dialer performance to initiate a call.
  • User can take a picture while on a voice call.
  • Improved LG keyboard actions.
  • Added “All calls to voicemail” option so user can reject incoming calls.
  • Power button turns on LCD backlight while on a voice call.

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How to get LG Spirit 4G service code:

LG Spirit 4G Hidden Menu:
1. For menu for the network select- Go to dialer and enter ##626* then enter 6 digit code that you got above, then go to network select then network mode and you get this menu PIC:

  • LTE Only – 4G Data only —– no call or text
  • CDMA+LTE/EvDo – 1x,3G,4G —– call & text
  • EvDO Only – 3G Data only —– no call or text
  • CDMA w/o EvDO – 1x —– call & text
  • CDMA/EvDO – 3G —– call & text

2. There’s also another hidden menu ##LGSERVICEMENU or ##5473784236368 the service code is the same 6 digit one from the top

Well some things you may do with the hidden menu are:

  • Change Network mode : Turning off LTE may save battery life
  • Field Tests – Check 4G Spectrum Bandwidth
  • Semi-booting mode – Enable Semi-Booting mode
  • Network Lock – Change Network lock mode
  • ICC Activation Setting – Make it where the phone still works even without the sim card
  • Hardware & Software Tests

The LG Spirit 4G is now available at MetroPCS for only $199 after a $70 mail-in rebate. Interested friends can go and check out their sites now.

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