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Have you bored your present LG Cookie wallpaper recently? You looking for some new Wallpapers for your LG Cookie? This wallpaper pack with more than 150 wallpapers which I found on cookie forum posted by charls, thanks for his sharing.  LG-Cookie info

Download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/178544455/Fondos240x400LGCookie.rar  Password: elcampechano

LG Cookie wallpapers - LG Cell phone pictures


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The LG SDK 1.3 for the Java™ ME Platform has been released. This release of LG SDK for the Java™ ME platform contains changes to the user interface for emulation of JSR 256 Mobile Sensor API, user interface for selection of a device skin from the Ktoolbar, and user interface of the Device Manager. On-Device Debugging platform (required tools and devices) is provided and the NetBeans IDE is supported. LG Cell phone Software

LG Java SDK 1.3 download link: http://developer.lgmobile.com/


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Follow the steps to unlok your LG Incite: LG Phone Problem and solution

  1. Logged on to AT&T website.
  2. Couldn’t find the Tech Chat after about 20 minutes.
  3. Typed "chat" into search bar and searched.
  4. Tech Chat is on the panel on the lower right hand side of the search results screen.
  5. Clicked it, selected Other Technical Issue on next screen (or the equivalent)
  6. Asked, "I wanted to know if I could get the unlock code for my LG Incite CT810?"
  7. Agent asked regular verification questions, name, last 4 SSN digits, passcode, permission to access account etc.
  8. Agent responded with instructions and my Unlock Code. No questions asked or request for a reason. LG-Incite info

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