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The basic slider destined phone LG GB130 is a low-end device which measures 103 x 47 x 15.6mm with a 950mAh battery delivering up to 6.5 hours of life. The LG GB130 also features a 2-inch display with 120 x 160 pixels and 65k colors, an FM radio and an Mp3 player. The LG GB130 will not support dual band GSM with GPRS, bluetooth and even camera.  LG Cell phone Previews

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Follow the tutorial below to get a yellow square follow your finger on your LG Dare, all you do is dial ##5473784236368, then call it when the message pops up type in 000000 and you have the menu come up go to touch screen, click touch screen marker when´╗┐ you want it or to go away you have to shut your LG Dare off.  LG-Dare info


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I have got the Touch Piano on my LG viewty, it works great without any problems. So I tried installing it on my LG Cookie. It installed on my cookie and works, but with no sound. If someone have managed to fix it or made one for LG Cookie. Please leave the method or a download link here, thank you in advance.  LG Phone Problem and solution

To download the Touch Piano: http://rapidshare.com/files/258584676/Touch_Piano.zip

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