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I’ve been playing the Hard Rock Casino game for a while on my Verizon LG enV Touch

There’s 4 different casino games you can play: Blackjack, Roulette, Deuces Wild video poker, and Slots. With all of these, there’s only one ‘type’ you can play, for example, you can’t switch the video poker to Double Bonus Poker or anything like that, and you’re restricted to one slot machine. LG Cell Phone Games

It’s pretty addicting, but there are a few flaws to it.

Verizon LG enV Touch Game – blackjack: when you have the option to split your hand, the menu that pops up is so big you can’t even see what your hand is. So you have to watch it as it is dealt, and memorize it. Also it tells you that it’s reshuffling the deck every now and then, but it doesn’t seem to go off of decks, it’s completely randomized every time. I think I’ve seen 3 of the same card on the table at a time, and it reshuffles too often for it to be a 3+ deck table. LG-enV touch info

Verizon LG enV Touch Game – blackjack LG Cell Phone Pictures

Verizon LG enV Touch Game

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My neighbor just got a Verizon LG enV Touch yesterday and now he has an issue with the phone is that there is no zoom on the camera. He has combed the manual and search the internet with no luck, today he comes to my room and asked me how to fix it. I played with it for little a moment and get an answer, it just like most of the other LG phones, there is no optical zoom. In order to have any zoom feature you must use a lower resolution. The lower the resolution, the more zoom you get. It is all digital zoom, no optical, so the outcome will not be great, or even very good for that matter. LG-enV touch info

Verizon LG enV Touch Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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The LG GW880 Android Phone would be a Wi-Fi-less OPhone heading to China Mobile according to The LG GW880 Android Phone supports China’s TD-SCDMA/EDGE 3G connection. Like on other OPhone handsets, users can download applications from the Mobile Market portal. The Software Development Kit (SDK) for both the OPhone OS and Android OS is the same, so applications written for either will work on the other. LG Cell Phone Previews

The pricing and release date are still unknown, but we believe it will be coming in near future and we will be watching this one for you.

LG GW880 Android Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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