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The Verizon LG Dare is probably touch screen one of the best phones I have ever owned. I have had the phone for 8 months now, I was upgrading from a LG voyager and I’m so glad I went with the Verizon LG Dare. The Dare is not that great for someone not used to a touch screen, but if you are this phone is great and i highly recommend it. LG-Dare info

The touch-screen keyboard is not very good for texting and touch screen is too sensitive for my big hands. The keyboard is great but sometimes a little heavy. The camera is great & convenient so I don’t have to carry my digital camera around. The full browser is amazing. It has a long battery life, my Verizon LG Dare lasts for days without having to charge. LG Cell phone Reviews

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When I got the Verizon LG Versa, I fell in love with this phone. This is not my first LG touch phone but I have to say it’s the best Verizon LG Phone I have never had. I have reviewed many since joining Verizon about 3 years ago. In my opinion, this phone is great for anyone.  LG Cell phone Reviews

The Verizon LG Versa has pretty good response to touch screen, the detachable QWERTY keyboard was great but made it bulky, and you have to have it on to play some games was kind of annoying. It does have a very nice camera, and the overall design was nice. I like the way you can get into certain menus from different screens it make it easy to get what you need without having to go back to the main menu! There is more than one way to start a text message depending on what screen you are on! I also like that you can buy other thing for your phone other than a case cover for it! Like I bought the qwerty keyboard for it which really helps to text (and lets face it…who doesn’t) and a game controller! Over all the phone is pretty good. The only problem I have had is the short battery life, I have had in on since 8:00 this morning, and its 1:45 now, and I have sent about 100 texts + and the battery life is at two bars. LG-Versa info

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1. – Version Info
- SW Version Info – (Various Software Information)
– SW Version
– Media Version
– Module Version
– HW Version
- Factory Version ( More info )

2. – Factory Reset
I’m not going in here, at risk of loosing my info.
But, It’s pretty Self Explanatory

3. – Device Test (hardware testing)
- Auto All Test (self explanatory)
– LCD Hand Test ( use the Touchpad to go through various Colors – Multiple taps )
– LCD Auto Test ( Same test as above, but Automated )
– LCD Color Test ( A nice little Hex Color Chart )
– 16 Gray Color ( Various shades of gray )
– LCD ITEM Approval Test ( Freezes your phone for a few seconds )
– Backlight On ( Turns off the Backlight, touch screen for it to come back (phew!) )
– BL Level Test ( Gives you a button to cycle through Backlight Level )
– Keypad LED On ( Turns off Keypad LED, touch screen for it to come back )
– BL Policy – Always On ( keeps the BL on for the remainder of the Engineering Menu (possibly restart too) )
– Camera Flash – Always On (while highlighted, Camera Flash is always on)
– Camera Flash – Auto On ( Gives a double flash, and disables the always on )
– Camera Flash – Off ( Turns the flash off, For how long, I dont know, I’d select auto)
- Camera
– External Camera Test ( Lets you test the Camera, with a 1/2 screen viewport )
– Internal Camera Test ( Same Test as before, but for a non-existent camera )
- Font
– Shows a list of Fonts I dont want to mess with. EXPLORE AT OWN RISK….. then report back if you do 
- Sound
– Playback Test ( Test plays the Factory Default factory ringtone )
– Vibrator ( Vibrates continuously   )
– Loopback Test ( Shows  "packet loopback" and seems to do nothing )
– SND & VIB Test ( Vibrates and Plays Default Factory ringtone
– Ext. AMP Test ( Explore at own Risk )
— 1. HeadAndSPK : OFF
— 2. Head : OFF
— 3. SPK : OFF
— 4. Receiver : Off
- RTC Test ( Lets you Change the Time, Time Format, And Daylight Savings )
- Key Press Test ( Displays a mini keyboard where you can test the Keys )
- Touch Screen Test ( Gives you a numbered Box grid, that lights up when touched  Hit the End Call Key to see results and then again to Exit)
- Touch Screen Draw ( Gives a trail and direction coordinates , Press End Call to Exit )
-Motion Sensor Test ( shows the Shows the Accelerometer Data)
– Range (changes the range in Hz )
– API ( changes the 4g setting )
– Bandwidth ( unknown )
- Secure Clock Test (unexplored)
– API Test
– DB Status
- Factory ELT Test (unexplored)
– Automatic Mode
– Manual Mode

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