The Korean manufacturer had recently launched the LG G3 in its local market and now, the phablet is officially available for pre-order in the UK from the Amazon store.

The LG G3 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with 2GB of RAM and quad-core CPU, 16GB of storage, a 5.5" IPS QHD display and a 13MP main camera with OIS. The battery is 3,000mAh in size and is removable.

LG G3 is current priced at £479 and the smartphone is expected to be available in Amazon UK in Black and Gold color variants. Unfortunately, the exact date of stock availability is yet to be confirmed. Still it shouldn’t take long now.

Pre-orders on Amazon UK:

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Smart Bulletin is LG G3’s new Optimus UI software feature that gives the user reminders about things like missed calls, and even prompt them to use unused features on the phone after they’ve owned it for a while. It’s a useful option to have, but fortunately if you find Smart Bulletin isn’t for you, it’s easy enough to turn off.

It’s easily to disable Smart Bulletin feature on the LG G3 through the Home Screen Settings menu. From your home screen:

  • Open the app drawer by pressing the icon with six dots in a circle.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select "Home screen settings."
  • In the menu that appears, toggle "Smart Bulletin" to the off position.

In case you want to enable it again, simply toggle it back on from the Home Screen Settings menu.


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The Knock Code feature is now available now on the LG G3 and many other current LG phones, such as the G Flex and G Pro 2. As the name implies, you’ll no longer be limited to only unlocking your phone — now you’ll be able knock (OK, tap, really) as a security function.

To set up the Knock Code feature on your LG G3, you need to go to:

Settings > Display > Home & Lock > Lock Screen. In the lock screen settings, you will find the option “Select screen lock” tapping and then choose "Knock Code." Passwords can range from two to eight taps. According to LG, there are more than 80,000 different possible combination you can use.

After setting up your Knock Code you will be asked to create a backup PIN, which can be used if you ever forget your tapping sequence. The PIN code at least four digits, but fewer than 17 — before you can use Knock Code.

To unlock the phone using Knock Code:

While the screen is off, tap the same sequence you established anywhere on the screen. The Home screen will be accessed directly.

LG G3 Phone Photos LG Cell Phone Pictures


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