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What is Orb? LG Cell Phone Software

Orb is a media streaming application, once installed on your host PC / MAC OS-X (Intel 10.5 or later)**, your PC / Mac acts like your personal broadcasting system. You will have the ability to stream content remotely through any web enabled-connected device like a mobile phone, PDA, laptop, iPhone (or iPod Touch) etc..  LG-Voyager info

So, how to use the Orb on the LG Voyager?

1. Install Orb, http://www.orb.com/ on your host computer. This must be a computer that is always on if you wish to access it from your phone. Make sure to leave Orb running as well.
2. On your LG Voyager, go to your Orb account, and scroll to the bottom of the screen.
3. Click on Speed Test.
4. Once the speed test is done, scroll to the bottom of the screen again, and click on Settings. Check the box that says, "Use fixed speed". You should see your speed test result in the corresponding box.
5. Click save.
6. Click on Stream, and select the box that says "3GP-AAC/RTSP format (.3gp).
7. Click "Save and exit"

That’s it, you’re done. Hope this helps! Enjoy!

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