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The LG Viper 4G is Sprint’s first LTE-enabled device that has received the Android 4.0 ICS update.

Now we have some official stock LG Viper 4G  Firmware / Rom / Flash Files to share to you in this post.

Official Stock LG Viper 4G ZVD (Gingerbread) Firmware / Rom / Flash File:

Official Stock LG Viper 4G ZVI (ICS) Firmware / Rom / Flash File:

Official Stock LG Viper 4G ZVK (ICS) Firmware / Rom / Flash File:

LG Viper 4G DLL File:

How to install a Firmware / Rom on LG Viper 4G (credits to n0ve)

  1. Unzip to folder of your choice, root of C:\ works easiest IMO.
  2. Make sure you have at least 60% battery and LG Drivers/ADB Installed.
  3. Go to Device Manager -> Ports -> Right click on LGE USB Serial Port -> Properties, Advanced, Change port # to 41
  4. Plug phone into pc ( charge only ) , pull battery to reboot, upon reboot hold down volume + PLUS Power To enter D/L mode.
  5. Go to extracted Location, right click LGFlashTool, Run As Admin
  6. Check box for Select Manual Mode
    ( Even if listed, click on … next to DLL to choose the .DLL in your extracted folder, and do the same for S/W (Click ADD, and add the S/W of your choice )
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Up Top Click the Icon for Ports
    Click image for larger version

Name:	flashports.jpg
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Size:	16.9 KB
ID:	1516829Check the box for port One ( I know we changed it to 41 in device manager and it may seem incorrect but it is, follow please.
  9. Now ready to flash, Click the Yellow arrow at top left to start, THEN, Quickly unplug usb/replug ( This triggers the tool to start, otherwise it will stay stuck at Ready…)(You can just partially remove the usb plug then reinsert very quickly, do not have to completely remove.)
  10. You should see it progressing from this point, it will continue to say 0kb/0kb, just let it do its thing. Sometimes it finishes at 80%, 89%, once your booted to the Home Screen, your done.

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