Official LG Optimus L5 Firmware Download

I’ve just found LG Optimus L5 Official firmwares on the LG site and now I list the download links to share it with all my friends here, hope you like this.

Official Stock LG Optimus L5 Firmware Download :








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9 thoughts on “Official LG Optimus L5 Firmware Download”

  1. What’s the difference between each filename? I’m not talking about the region or model.

    For example, what’s the difference between V10B_00.kdz and V10F_02.kdz?

    My phone is supposedly from Dominican. But, it’s firmware says V10F_02. I only see V10A_00 and V10B_00 for my region.

    What’s the meaning of each number and letter of each file name? Does this code have any reason?

  2. My lg e615 duo crashed when i tried to upgrade to v20a. plz help me. What am i to do?

  3. Showing Error link this
    plz help me out

    Access Denied

    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

  4. I had problem after upgrading lge615 from v10g to v20a but when l flashed using v20d it’s now up and working

  5. o vey eu atualizei o meu lge615 mass só que atualizaçao foi engles ai eu baixei o v20a_00.kdz no 4shared ai dexei intalando ai quando eu fui ver a tela tava branca como devo fazer pra baixa o v20a_00.kdz no pc e intala no meu lge615

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