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I just checked today and there is a new Mobile Email application for the LG enV Touch. Apparently it is a different program and not an update, so you have to go into browse and download, then go to email on the list, and then i think its called mobile email with update. LG Cell Phone Software

This new mobile email app is a sweet thing, much improved over the old email app. Following is a tip for the LG enV Touch users who are using the new mobile email app and want to get out of the constant data session: LG-enV touch info

When you are in the new mobile email there are two places to change settings that i discovered yesterday. One is at the bottom on screen when on account page. The second is the arrow next to your account. If you press the arrow and press settings from that area, you get a few other option. tell the phone not to auto receive. Then restart the LG enV Touch and you should be out of the constant data session. the only way I was able to do it before was pause email but that was annoying to have to resume is all the time.

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