New LG Voyager Specific Drawing Pad

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I made a drawing pad that is the perfect size to use with the LG voyager, I suggest using it in the eztip slot because it has a bigger drawing area. It works pretty good with or with out a stylus. This is my first attemp at making a dpad, let me know what you think. cookies are also appreciated.

the second version now has:
–an erase (the Scissors)
–new drawing surface/clears screen (picture frame)
–larger selection of brushes (brush)
–96 colors, although only 95 work because I forgot about the stupid clear button that is left over from the eztip   
  (the c)
–and a back to drawing area (the arrow)


one note the eraser will not work if either you haven’t selected a new brush, or color. The way to get it to work with out doing either of those is to hit the back arrow once at any time. After the fisrt time you doing anything that leaves the first frame you will not have to do anything to get it to work, minor glitch. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. i dont get it i have a lg voyager titanium will it work with that.. but i dont get the part where u go to it the lg dare has that stuff.. I DONT GET IT HELP ME!

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