New LG Dare Owner with some questions and answers

I got my LG Dare a week ago and it is really growing on me. I do have some questions and hopefully there’s some advice: LG Phone Problem and solution
1. I installed the Verizon Manager and Rhapsody, but I can’t seem to get Rhapsody to see my LG Dare as a device. It sees my iPod. Is it supposed to? Is it a useful application? I assume it’s to transfer music, manage playlists, etc… LG-Dare info

2. Although I’m getting better at it, the scrolling seems awkward. Granted, I don’t have long fingernails, but is it just me – maybe there’s more I can do with the calibration?
3. I paired an old BlueTooth headset and it’s okay, but my wife told me that there was an inexpensive one (about $25) that sounded great. I’ve never had much luck with BT headsets – can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive one for the LG Dare?
3. I used DataPilot to transfer my LG Dare’s contacts but I’ve heard the something called BitPim is good (I haven’t tried it yet). Any good applications for contact mangers?
4. I found a site ( that has some wallpapers, ringtones, etc… any other suggestions?

The great answers by pianofreak

Welcome!  I’ll answer what questions I can…
1) rhapsody does do music, but just music.  Make sure to install the drivers for your LG Dare BEFORE plugging your LG Dare phone in: XP/Vista doesn’t have the capabilities of recognizing it otherwise.  As for your iPod, that’s odd.  I didn’t think it would recognize it.  Cool.
2)  You can play with the calibration of your LG Dare phone.  There are tutorials of people figuring out the best way to do it on the site.  As for my advice, you’ll get used to it in time and find what works best for you.  Experiment until you get it to your liking.
3)  I don’t know what’s good, but most BT’s work just fine.  If people complain about the quality or you can’t heard them, you can get a better one.
4)  I haven’t heard of DataPilot.  Does it work with the LG Dare? Bitpim works fairly well, though it is limited.  I haven’t heard of any other program able to sync with the LG Dare.  You’re probably limited to Bitpim.
5)  Zedge is my favorite site to use.  It has all the things I would want and more, and is very easy to use. is supposed to be another good one.
Enjoy, and welcome!

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7 thoughts on “New LG Dare Owner with some questions and answers”

  1. I was listening to music threw a head piece, i took it out and i dont hear any sound at all i get calls but i cant hear them or when i call i dont hear a dial tone..

  2. I love my lg dare..But when i scroll though my texts sometimes it shuts off.DOes it do that with all the phones or what and do They have a phone that you can get that won’t do that

  3. To sammi: yes my phone does that a lot. like when my message inbox is 100% full, i delete some, and it shuts down and turns back on. i guess the phones too full to hold them and just shuts down ? i dont know im trying to figure it out. does this happen to anyone else ?

  4. i just got the LG Dare and i had the Lg Chocolate and i boought a memory card and moved all the songs from my chocolate to memory card and my lG dare wont play the song and i dont know why help?

  5. Richard, I was too had the Lg chocolate (flip) and moved all my song over … Some of my songs work, but only about half.
    My LG dare also randomly likes to shut off Sammie and Brookelle.

    My MAIN problem that im having is when my phone is off but has not been used in a bit (the screen is turned off) when i press a button it takes more than a few seconds to become active.
    Any ideas?

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