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Now 5 LG cell phones have been released in 2008: LG ax8600 cell phone, LG VX9400 cell phone, LG Chocolate White cell phone, LG KG330 cell phone and LG enV cell phone. LG Cell phone Reviews

LG ax8600 cell phone – A CDMA phone that weighs 3.26 ounces.LG ax8600 cell phone photos

 LG VX8600/AX8600 Cell Phone Reviews

 LG VX8600 cell phone

 LG VX8600 & VX8700 cell phone Software & Drivers

LG VX9400 cell phone – A CDMA phone that weighs 4.06 ounces.LG VX9400 cell phone photos

 LG VX9400 Cell Phone



LG Chocolate White cell phone – CDMALG Chocolate White cell phone photos

 LG Chocolate 3 Cell Phone coming now

 LG Chocolate 3 Cell Phone released on July 14

 LG Chocolate 3 Cell Phone coming soon

LG KG330 cell phone – GSMLG KG330 cell phone photos

 LG KG330 Cell Phone



LG enV cell phone – CDMALG enV cell phone photos

LG enV VX9900 & VX8700 Cell Phone Reviews

Verizon LG enV 2-Cell phone reviews

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