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This is a great tutorial for LG eXpo owners that it will told you how to change the function of the back key on the LG eXpo. We all know by now that the back key can access voice command conveniently and easily by simply holding it. I was digging around in the registry and found where this actually is located. By default the buttons tab located in the personal folder from the start menu only has SIX buttons to configure. I figure there should be a place to configure those.  LG Phone Problem and Solution

By directing yourself to the following registry location


In here you will find a bunch of keys like 40C1 40C2 all the way to 40C6, these keys are the buttons you can configure in the buttons tab.

The Voice command is located in the 40EF, the 40EF key contains the action for holding down the back key.

Now to change the DEFAULT ACTION change the Default key to anything you want
\Windows\notes.exe, the RESETCMD key should be removed so it does not default to voice command. LG-eXpo info

IF you want to keep all of these settings the same and make the back button close any window in the front. Change the FLAGS option to A that’s it just A this flag after i did research all over the web MSDN and other websites xda everything. the “A” flag makes this thing close anything. Honestly I wanted it to replace the OK button on the keyboard but frankly I haven’t figured that out yet. Hopefully this will allow someone to figure out more keys to modify, add more functions to this awesome LG eXpo.

Via http://www.lg-expo.com/lg-expo-how-to/how-to-change-the-function-of-the-back-key-on-the-expo

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steve nicks on 8 June, 2010 at 8:15 pm #

The back key can access voice command conveniently and easily by simply holding it. It’s great.


johnny on 6 August, 2010 at 3:07 pm #

I want one of these……..any idea of where to get one?

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