MGMaps, Opera Mini, Google Maps for LG Dare

Telus allowing downloading of apps for LG Dare? Just heard this at a LG Dare forum, and I’ve confirmed it by downloading mgmaps, opera mini, google maps into my LG Dare.

MGMaps works for me (though it’s hobbled by graphics problems).
Go to on your phone browser.
Click on Download MGMaps version 1.3x (stable): LG version v1.39.21 [unsigned jad]
The unsigned jad file works.
You can try the development 1.4 version if you are brave.

Opera Mini I downloaded from  LG-Dare info

Google Maps is downloadable via, but touchscreen doesn’t seem to work. Go to on your phone – click on Platform= Java (J2ME) – on the top search bar, type in "google maps" – click on google maps (first link) and download.
Looks great, but doesn’t work with touchscreen, so ultimately useless.

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3 thoughts on “MGMaps, Opera Mini, Google Maps for LG Dare”

  1. Had to laugh. The Dare was one of highest rated Verizon models ever introduced … and they totally crippled the app development process thus ensuring developers would move on to greener pastures in a heartbeat … which they did. Like grandpa used to say, “You can drag’em to water but you can’t mak’em drink!”

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