MetroPCS LG L70 MS323 Download / Bootloader Mode

Download Mode is an LG Exclusive mode. It was designed to serve the Service Centers, but it has been a godsend to hackers of the device. It lets you easily flash onto the device in a much safer manner then would be possible. Putting your MetroPCS LG L70 MS323 into Download Mode is an easy process.

Here is the tutorial on how to get into download mode / bootloader mode on MetroPCS LG L70 MS323:

  1. With Device Powered Off And Unplugged
  2. Press and hold Volume Up
  3. Now Plug In USB Cable
  4. Right after the phone vibrates and LG download mode logo pops up

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6 thoughts on “MetroPCS LG L70 MS323 Download / Bootloader Mode”

  1. I am able to go into the download mode. But how to flash a kdz file in that. Can you Please tell me.

  2. ive been holding d volume button soooooooo long and it havent been able to fully switch to download mode….!!!!!HEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP #ASAP

  3. Bro can you tell me jow to exit that bootloader or download mode , i am stuck on it …
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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