Measures: Saving your LG Viewty Battery

1. Multitasking! when you’ve finished using an application or browsing on your LG Viewty, make sure the app is properly exited or it’ll sit in the background using precious processor cycles & resources, which in turn uses battery power. LG-Viewty info

2. Profiles! some of the default profiles use some of the higher powered settings on your handset! Edit them so they are no more than you require! Pay particular attention to numbers 5 [Backlight] & 6 [Haptics] below.

3. Bluetooth! BT is a wireless connection that most people seem to be happy to leave on, even when they’re not actively using the service! turn it off when not needed to preserve power & prevent the remote hacking of your LG Viewty.

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4. Brightness! The screen brightness can be adjusted from 100% down to 20%! i have mine set at 60% and that is bright enough for the screen to be clearly visible even on the brightest of days! turn it down to help with you’re power saving measures.

5. Backlight! What difference is the backlight staying on for an extra 30 seconds going to make to your battery life? Enough to make it worth checking yours isn’t set at 30 or even 60 seconds – both are uneccessary.

6. Haptics! Haptics use a little rotating electric motor to cause the vibration you feel when touching the screen of your LG Viewty! this is by far the biggest single cause of drain on your battery and should be edited to one of the lesser settings in whatever profile you use. There are 3 different vibratory types and the one to go for is “Vibration 1″ as this gives the shortest burst of the 3! you should also lower the level of vibration to between 1 and 3! you’ll still feel something & anything more is just showing off. 😛

7. Touch Tone! you should probably turn off the sound altogether, as this gets annoying and also drains battery power.

8. Camera! using the camera\video in either mode draws a lot of power! the Red Eye Reduction “multi-flash” is another cheif culprit for power drainage! turn it off and edit your pics in Windows\Mac. Any Image editor worth having on your PC has the ability to remove Red Eye.

9. Network Mode! for those that don’t use the 3G functionality of their phone at all (browsing fast Internet or Video calling), switching from Automatic to an option other than UMTS (GSM network dependant) may have the effect of lowering the network search frequency of the handset and reduce power consumption as a result. I believe that Orange & T-Mobile use 1900, whilst Vodaphone & O2 use 900\1800, it may be vice versa, so don’t quote me on that. Three (3) will primarily use UMTS, falling back to one of the other frequencies automatically when its 3G antennae are out of range, so leave it at Auto for that network.

10. Magnetic (Leather) Cases! It has been suggested by forum members that leather cases with a magnetic clasp can have an adverse effect on the LG Viewty battery life, with some claiming that they get as little as 8 hours use from a full charge before the phone switches off! If you’ve bought such a case for your handset & you’re suffering with an unreasonably quickly discharging battery, remove the handset from the case for a few days to see if things improve.

Using all of the above settings & rules will enhance the battery life of your LG Viewty! probably more so than if you were to simply select the “Power Saving” mode in the phone settings. I hope this helps those that feel the battery in their phone, or the phone itself, may be faulty because of poor performance.

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  1. i have problem with my KU990, when i click on bluetooth icon, an error gets appear, please set bluetooth address.
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