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How to Make Your Own Startup/Shutdown animation on LG eXpo steps: LG-eXpo info
1. Download Resource Tuner and install http://www.restuner.com/
2. Download Animations.zip and unzip contents
3. Use resource tuner to open ShutDownAni_DMDO_000.dll for shutdown or StartUpAni_DMDO_000.dll for startup.
4. Right click on one of the BMP images, and select Save Multiple resources. Browse to a location of you choosing and save.
5. Go to the location where you saved the resources. You should see 28 .bmp images for the startup and 21 for the shutdown.
6. Before editing an image, first Go to Image – Mode – RGB
7. Edit your image
8. When finishing an image go to Image – Mode – Index. A popup will appear with options.
9. In this pop-up you’ll see a drop down menu next to Pallete, drop down the menu and select Local (Perceptual). Click ok. (Skipping this step will result in undesirable results)   Confirm that you want layers to be flattened (may not ask)
10. Save your image. (Never use the SAVE AS option. doing so will alter the image rendering it useless in the shutdown animation.)
11. After you have edited your images go back to resource tuner and open ShutDownAni_DMDO_000.dll or StartUpAni_DMDO_000.dll
12. Double click on the resources within the .dll, this will open a new window
13. In the new window you should see a folder with an arrow near the top (will be to the left of "replacement source", Browse to your new image (should correspond in) and select it. Confirm the replacement of the image. Press ok to the popup window. Repeat process until all images have been replaced. (if you get an error message you saved your images incorrectly)
14. After replacing images save the file, it does not matter where you save it. If you chose to replace the old file, the old file will be backed up automatically.
15. Now go into msigner folder. (provided with Animationsi.zip) Open siggner.exe, click on ‘select file(s)’, browse to your new ShutDownAni_DMDO_000.dll, and double click (or click open), Uncheck Save *.txt log files, Press Start Sign process!
16. After that you may edit the ShutDown.exe file (shutdown) or the StartUpAni.dll (startup) file which contains the sound portion of the animation. If you do not wish to have sound, then just delete the sound, save, and sign (sign StartUpAni.dll not ShutDown.exe). No tutorial will be provided for the sounds, the process is the same, no special settings needed, just save in .wav format.
17. now you will put your files into a cab. To do this download a program like WinCE CAB Manager. Save all files, hard coded to \Windows\. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Animations_&_Resources Download

Credit: Dark from http://www.lg-expo.com

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