Make Ringtones for your LG Dare

Ok so I know there is a lot of people out there who want ringtones for their LG Dare. Well I use a program that allows you to make your own ringtones very easily and completely free!  LG-Dare info

1. Download and install Ringtone Ripper
2. Open the program and select the mp3 file you want to use (select audio file button)
3. Select where you want to start the ringtone by clicking the up arrow or dragging the bar (in some cases the preview button doesn’t work so use a music playing program such as windows media player to find out where the part is you want in the song.

4. Select the length of your ringtone (I usually go about 25 seconds)
5. Click convert to tone.
6. Find “My Ringtones” which should be located on your desktop after the installation and play your ringtone to make sure it works.
7. Plug in your Micro Sd card into your computer and find the folder my_sounds. Drag and drop your made ringtone from “My Ringtones” into my_sounds.
8. Put your Sd card back into your LG Dare and go to my sounds. Click on the ringtone you made and click Send. Send the sound to yourself and save it as a ringtone!


Thanks for: btownbeats

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8 thoughts on “Make Ringtones for your LG Dare”

  1. I think my new LG Dare from Telus which I just got. Its current firmware appears to be preventing me from saving the sound file as a ringtone. The only option I can see to save it as a “sound”. Anybody know how to fix this issue?

  2. ok once you have it saved as a sound just click on you phone to make a new picture meassage…choose the sound you just made and send it to your cell phone…so like practically your sending a picture message to your self…once you recieve the picture it click as ringtone and your done

  3. @chuletas: yeah, some of us do know to do that, but we’re wondering if there’s a different option – how to make a sound a ringtone WITHOUT having to send it to yourself? The sound quality is terrible once you send it, then were stuck with crappy ringtone versions of “were once good” clips. Anyone know of a workaround, a loophole, anything!? Nuts to awkward file management!

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