List of LG Volt bloatware to Remove for better battery

The LG Volt LS740 comes with loads of Virgin or Boost Mobile branded apps that basically hinder streamlined user experience. These apps are also commonly referred to as Bloatware / Crapware.

Here is an app that will help the Volt LS740 users in getting rid of all the carrier’s crap on the phone.


Apps that are safe to Remove:

– SmartShareProvider
– Picasa Uploader
– Lumen Toolbar
– Drive
– Google Play Books
– Google Play Games
– Google Play Movies
– Google Play Newsstand
– Google+
– Hangouts
– Swype

I’ve tried this on my phone, it works like a charm. If you are finding a way to get rid of the bloatware, then you might try it.

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2 thoughts on “List of LG Volt bloatware to Remove for better battery”

  1. I tried going to the app but in the app store it says the app doesn’t exist!😒 I need space in NY phone! Most of those apps are unnecessary! I feel like android is getting over on us putting all those useless apps on the phone only for us to spend money on SD cards!

  2. You can download uninstaller from jumobile it will give you a safe uninstall if you aren’t rooted.. If you are rooted check xda forums

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