LG Xenon to arrive before Christmas?

The LG Xenon phone will be arriving on AT&T before the Christmas. LG Cell phone news

The LG Xenon phone offers a sliding form factor with a full QWERTY keyboard, A-GPS, an accelerometer, 3 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and a proximity sensor. The LG Xenon works with Quad-band GSM and dual band UMTS/HSDPA networks. It has 100MB internal memory and supports microSD cards up to 16GB.

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LG Xenon phone pictures

lg xenon phone

2 thoughts on “LG Xenon to arrive before Christmas?”

  1. my friend’s mom has this phone i lik the look of it .but personally i lik any phone that has a touch scrren and a qwerty. i lik the keyboard 2 slide the most lik this phone but i lik the flip also.

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