LG Xenon tips – hiding text messages

Are you always worry about that somebody gets your LG Xenon phone and read all your messages? Okey, here’s the tips for you to hide your text messages. enjoy! : ) LG-Xenon info

LG Xenon tips – hiding text messages step by step:  LG Phone Problem and solution

  1. Put your messages into standard view
  2. delete all read messages ( it will say you have no messages )
  3. text yourself anything
  4. You will recieve that message and it will be the only one there but now switch is back to conversation veiw and all ur " lost messages" reappear =)

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26 thoughts on “LG Xenon tips – hiding text messages”

  1. According to LG customer service there is no way to delete the phone number when you text/receive

  2. My LG xenon can only hold around 170 texts. I don’t see any way of getting the phone to store the messages on my SD card so I can store more messages!! Has a solution to this problem been found?

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