LG Xenon Software V10o Update

We glad to tell you that LG released an update for the LG Xenon, the latest Software Version is GR500-V10o-MAY-13-2010-ATT-US. It’s about 156506 Bytes downloads then. LG-Xenon info

This software installation may take you a few minutes. The V10o software update process will not delete any personal data on your LG Xenon. All phone service (including emergency calls)will be suspended during the installation process. LG Cell Phone Software

I now have the software GR500-V10o-MAY-13, so far, no differences seen from prior version I had (1.0j). Will update if I find anything different. 

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6 thoughts on “LG Xenon Software V10o Update”

  1. Some questions: How do you see what firmware version you have?
    How did you do the update? The software update option on mine says it can’t connect to DM server.

  2. one thing ive noticed after the update on the LG GR500 aka LG Xenon is that after you send a text message the blank screen that says messaging no longer appears..i think this update only fixed bugs the phone had which is no problem to me bcuz i love how this phone works

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