LG Xenon Master Clear and Master Reset

LG Xenon Master Clear   LG-Xenon info

  • Go to Top Menu (hit the square with 4 dots)
  • Go to Settings (gear)
  • Tap Phone
  • Tap Reset Settings
  • Tap Master Clear
  • Tap Phone

LG Xenon Master Reset

  • Go to Top Menu (hit the square with 4 dots)
  • Go to Settings (gear)
  • Tap Phone
  • Tap Reset Settings
  • Tap Master Reset
  • If it asks for a security code (and you haven’t set one), use 0000


LG Xenon


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30 thoughts on “LG Xenon Master Clear and Master Reset”

  1. I love this phone but it does tend to have issues. My phone has been through a lot and keeps on going. I’ve gotten it soaked a couple times. Thrown it across the room plus dropped it more times then I can count (it should have something a little tacky on the back). Whenever I have problems with it I use the 3845#*500# reset and it goes back to normal. I love that code. Thankyou!

  2. my lg cookie starts up but has a security code on it it only lets me put 4 numbers in and 0000 dont work can anyone help me out???

  3. If I use the code 3845#*500# will i lose my pics/saved texts? Don’t want to use this to reset my phone if I will lose this cause i have pics of my babis that I don’t want to lose!!
    Thanks fpr all the help you guys are giving!! 🙂

  4. alright Xenon owners.. here is the Dealio!!this POS is pretty much a mini Laptop. All electronics are Crap. U know this, but in all my experiences with cellphones and home computers, this one has been the BEST POS i have come across so far. Yes it quips on occasion, but in the year and a half i have used the FN @*&!# out of it,and it still works 98% perfect. I havent seen anything comperable since, that is this inexpensive hands down!!!!!!!!

  5. does anyone know hoe to reset the phone from the boot menu if the software doesnt allow the device to go past the LG symbol on th eload up screen..

  6. so my touchscreen just quit on me today what should i do?? i cant check my messages or anything and i need to delete some messages and pics. Please email me if u can help.

  7. HI!
    So, I was sitting on the bus using my phone as I always do.. Then the screen just stopped working?! I can use all the buttons? But, this is pointless, you can’t actually so anything except receive calls without the touch screen?! Does anyone know if there is a way of fixing this? The screen still comes up like normal?!

  8. Hey! Well i just got this phone and the screen isnt working.. i tried the 3845#*500# code but it wont let me click enter because the screen dosnt work .. help me ! i want to reset it to factory settings! Please and thanks (:

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