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There are many, many semi-hidden features/functions on the LG XenonLG-Xenon info

LG Xenon General tips:

  • Try tap-and-hold on stuff.  Sometimes things do things.
  • If you see the context menu button – always try it.
  • Sometimes the icons that look like on/off or enable/disable status – actually work to toggle – but sometimes it’s a tap toggle (AM/PM in alarm) and sometimes it’s more like a slider (Bluetooth On/Off).
  • Long press vs Short press (Hold = Long press, Push = Short press)
    • The physical Camera button
      Push for camera mode.
      Hold for video recorder mode.
    • Call/Send button
      Push for Recent Call list
      Hold to call the most-recently-dialed number
    • Volume Down button (from home screen)
      Push to lower ringer volume
      Hold to toggle Silent/Vibrate-only mode
    • Multi-task button
      Push to bring up Task menu
      Hold to bring up Top menu

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