LG Xenon Browser Settings

If you have no idea or fail to connect to the Internet on your LG Xenon, try this browser setting, hope it helps: LG-Xenon info
– go settings –> more –> connection –> access point and configure like this:
connection title: the internet
authentication: medium
user name: fido
password: fido
apn: internet.fido.ca
– go internet profile and configure
profile name: the internet
dont use proxy
access point: the internet (from the configuration on top)
– go in applications –> browser –> accounts
create a new account
account name: whatever u want, i put in "my net"
homepage: http://www.gmail.com (still whatever u want)
internet profile: the internet (from above)
and now, when you go and run your browser, it goes to this profile and runs! LG Phone Problem and Solution

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5 thoughts on “LG Xenon Browser Settings”

  1. Thanks my phone finally works again after following your directions. I have talked to AT&T many times and they couldnt figure out the problem.

  2. Thank You worked perfect first try on a bell phone .As always fido customer service told me it couldn`t happen.


  3. Hi I am having a problem changing the apn from ATT to Net10. The LG user manual has not been very helpful and the tech support from Net 10 seem confused too. The email that they sent me also was not very helpful.Any ideas or help would be very appreciated. I also couldn’t get ahold of anyone at LG to help.

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