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If you want to modify the WAP settings on the LG VX5500, to edit a file is the only way to help you change WAP settings in the service menu. LG Phone Problem and Solution

First of all, you should have the parafiltable1.fil file "hacked"

  • Connect to your LG VX5500 and browse the filesystem via BitPim
  • Download the ows/paramfiltable1.fil file to your computer.
  • Using a HEX editor such as XVI32, open the paramfiltable1.fil file.
  • Change the third byte in the file from "00" to "20". Go to "Edit", then "Overwrite string", then select "Hex string" and type 20 in the bottom field. See a picture of modified paramtable here:
  • Save the file, and overwrite it on your phone.
  • Reboot your phone now.



You can now proceed to editing the WAP settings.

  • Press ##77647265500 and SEND (##PROGRAM + model number)
  • Enter code 000000 (If it is a prepaid LG VX5500, it is likely that the spc of 000000 that this guide uses will not work. Prepaid versions of this phone usually have a unique non-zero spc.)
  • Now go to WAP Settings. You will be changing the following:
  • Proxy address setting:
    • Primary address:
    • Secondary address:
  • Proxy port setting:
    • Primary port and secondary port: 8080
    • Primary LXL port and secondary LXL port: 443.
  • User name: original from the phone, do not change it! This a phone’s MIN number
  • User password: vzw
  • Homepage: http://homepage

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