LG Vu – USB Driver

Once you have a trouble with your USB Driver for the LG Vu CU920, you used your PC Suite but cannot get the LG Vu CU920 to connect via the USB, but as long as it fits in your phone it should work this is what I did to fix the problem…. LG-Vu info

First I downloaded IZARC, so I can use .rar or .iso files here http://www.download.com/IZArc/3000-2250_4-10072925.html?hhTest=1&tag=lst-1&cdlPid=10826781

Then, I downloaded LG PC Suite here
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FQJ4XKHY (After you download it, you’ll need to use izarc for the .rar file, then as well for the .iso file and you’ll be able to open it then)

Then, in your LG Vu CU920 make sure you go to Settings>>>More>>>Connection>>>USB Connection Mode>>>Select Data Service. LG Phone Problem and solution

Once, you have all that then plug your phone in, and open LG PC Suite and it should say that your LG Vu was detected.  Then try using BitPim as well, and go to detect phone and should detect it then.  But you have to make sure your phone is on DATA SERVICE, unless you’re trying to just send an actual file into your phone in which case you can use Mass Storage.

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