LG Vu tricks – Video Calling

LG Vu phone photos Here’s some questions about the LG Vu phone video calling, does the video must to be prerecorded? Do I have to make a video and then let them see it? or after 15 seconds when the option for video appears, can i just press it and they can watch me talk live? and we can hear eachother?LG-Vu info

Here’s the answer: The video is live not recorded.  When you start the LG Vu video call the other party has to ac cept then they see what your camera sees.  Speaker or bluetooth are the preferred talking and listening methods and you can record a portion of the video call(LG Vu) and see it later. LG Phone Problem and solution

LG Vu phone photos

LG Vu phone photos LG Vu phone photos

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