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This LG Vu trick I found on made by phasion, it’s about switching between tasks. Here we go. LG-Vu info

LG Vu tricks – tasking:

When switching between tasks (the button to the left of the battery indicator)
if you launch an application such as opera mini and want to task out, hit that task button and then JAVA (game controler icon)…VOILA, its like you hit the menu button, but you did it with an application open!

This ONLY works if you launch your programs from the menu, not from TASKS > Applications method.

You can do other stuff after you hit BACK such as take a picture, look up contacts, etc.
problem is, you can only do this once.

When you go back to opera mini or other launched application, and you go back to your tasks, the JAVA button you used earlier disappears and you cannot do any other complicated tasks one more time without exiting opera mini and starting all over.

LG Vu tricks:
After you use a task from the JAVA button, be sure to return back to the APPLICATIONS window before tasking back into opera mini or anything else with the TASKS button.
this will keep that JAVA button in the task list so you can keep tasking back and fourth =)
hope this helps!

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