LG Vu t-mobile’s WAP service setting

I’m using my LG Vu on a t-mobile service.  I finally got the internet to work, and it’s the full html version and all is good. Do you have some problems with the t-mobile’s WAP service? I found this on T-Mobile’s forums:

LG Vu t-mobile’s WAP service settings>more>connection>network profiles>new
MMSC proxy:
MMSC port: 8080
Connection Mode: TCP with Proxy
Network Profile: T-mo, or whatever you named the t-mobile profile
Bearer: GPRS
Authentication: No Auth
User Name: (leave blank)
Password: (leave blank)
APN: wap.voicestream.com
And I’m not really sure where to put this stuff, as I can’t seem to find any place to put the MMSC things. Hope this helps for your LG Vu. Maybe you can search T-Mobile’s forums to get more info.

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  1. Thanks so much for the lg vu unlock and the LG Vu t-mobile’s WAP service. IT WORKED>>> I was about to smash my phone because i had the phone unlocked everything worked, however i didnt know i couldnt send pic or get pics and i have looked forever for something that would fix the problem with no out come.

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