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LG Vu Software – Vradio is a radio player. It is an application that you can install on your mobile phone like a game or any other application. LG Cell Phone Software

LG Vu Software – Vradio Java Version:

  • To optimize the user experience for regular Java phones, Vradio Java Version contains channels with a low bandwidth only (max. 32kbps).
  • Vradio Free runs on most common Java phones (but also on Symbian Smartphones)! As there are countless different Java phones in use, we are unable to tell exactly where Vradio will work or not.

Listening to Vradio through your operator’s network will create a lot of download traffic! If you are not having a "flat rate" payment plan, the unlimited download of sound can become very expensive very quickly! If in doubt, ask your operator!
If you are using modern phones’ Wi-fi capabilities you can connect directly to the Internet (WLAN) and can avoid all operator’s costs. LG-Vu info

The LG Vu applications – Vradio is a free java app, Java Security Bypass would be a great hack to do prior to installing applications to get rid of the notifications.!

LG Vu Software – Vradio v1.01 Download

LG Vu Software – Vradio Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

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