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This LG Vu pink theme is really good for female members. Future versions will incorperate extended menus by Demon…, any updates with regards to further Paf Conversion, and most importantly, by special request, bubbles for keyboard. LG-Vu info

LG Vu pink themeLG Vu pink theme











Pink Theme 1.0.zip

LG Vu pink theme instructions: LG Cell phone Software
Important sites:
Bitpim: www.bitpim.org/
Software: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FQJ4XKHY
1.   Install bitpim.
2.   If your phone is recognized by the computer then it is unnecessary to install the additional software.
3.   Connect your phone. Verify that Data Service mode is selected. This can be found in Setting -> Connection -> USB Settings.
4.   Launch Bitpim
5.   Open Bitpim Settings (Edit -> Settings)
a.   Verify “Block writing anything to the phone” is checked OFF. If this is checked on, check it off, press OK, and restart BitPim.
b.   For Phone Type, select LG-VX8700.
c.   For Com Port, click Browse… From the Avaliable Ports, select LGE Mobile USB Serial Port.
d.   Alll other settings should be fine. Press OK.
6.   Click View -> View Filesystem
7.   Click on the Filesystem Icon.
8.   On the right panel, expand the folder.
9.   It will take some time to retrieve the files. This process can be viewed by clicking the Log icon.
10.   Once completed, expand to :/LGAPP/Media/. From here, we will extract all the files from the provided .zip file.
11.   Extract the .zip file somewhere accessible.
This theme will replace the theme of your choice.
12.   Expand to :/LGAPP/Media/Flash
13.   Right-click on T2_menu.swf and click Overwrite… Find the T2_menu file from the .zip file.
14.   Expand to :/LGAPP/Media/Flash/theme
15.   Right-click on theme_bg2.swf and click Overwrite… Find the theme_bg2.swf file from the respectable folder from the .zip file.
16.    Expand to :/LGAPP/Media/Theme/
17.    Right-click on the “1” folder and click restore.
18.   Find the “1.zip” file and click OK.
19.    You will get a pop up window with all of the files and folders selected. You MUST DE-SELECT ALL FOLDERS prior to pressing OK. Failing to do so will crash BitPim. Although I have warned you twice now, when this happens to you, simply press Continue and try again. BitPim is unable to overwrite folders, only files.
20.    Once Again, verify all folders have been checked OFF.
21.    Press OK. BitPim will take some time to overwrite the files.
22.    Expand to :/LGAPP/Media/Idle/
23.    Right-click on the “Theme_2_Blue” folder and click restore.
24.    Find the “Theme_2_Blue_.zip” file and click OK.
25.    Press OK. BitPim will take some time to overwrite the files.
26.    Upon completion, close BitPim, unplug your phone, and restart it.
27.    I found that sometimes when I restart the phone with the new settings, my SMS acts funny. This problem was solved by selecting a different theme and attempting to send a New Message once more.
28.    Select the Ocean theme. Your home screen, message, and option screens should now be brand spanking new.

Thank you for using Pink Theme 1.0 by M.K.Russ from www.lg-vu.com

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