LG Vu Phone themes

Today I found a site which said there are 4 display themes you can choose from your LG Vu phone. Process: Menu> Settings and Tools> Display> Themes. LG-Vu info

These are great themes… I noticed that the gold fish will follow my finger around on the screen and if I tap the screen it will go to where I tapped… Haa! The LG Vu phone is an awesome handset! LG Cell phone Software

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LG Vu phone 4 display themes photos

1. Fish (an aqua color with white bubbles and a gold fish that swims around)LG Vu phone 4 display themes photos







2.Butterfly (a butterfly flutters around the screen with leaevs poking out of the left side, mainly white with greal shades)3







3. Water (blue with overlapping shades of blue circles) 2







4. Onyx (black that fades to a dark silver color)4

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