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Tested with LG Vu CU920 & CU915 and IT WORKS

PM me if after doing it, it still is a no show.

* Make sure your card is readable first (if you can access the files via more>memory card or audio/ringtones and play them, then you’re fine)

** This may or may not work with LG Vu TU915

*** These files were taken from a phone with the following software/firmware seen in the image.

No songs solution:


1) Download the mpFIX_updated.rar and extract it somewhere

2) Get phone into the gang image screen (see image 2). Turn off. Hold 4 buttons after turning on. Get into the phone directory via EFS (quicker). Don’t forget to BACKUP before doing any deleting.
3) Go to LGAPP>Media>DB

4) Delete the MTPDBCRC.bin file

5) Double click the SysDB folder (within DB folder) and replace–by replace, I mean delete first, then drag or copy over–5 files: CDB.vol, MetaDB.vol sdcard_CDB.vol, PBOOK_LOG.vol, and sdcard_sdcard_MetaDB.vol. Pretty much you are replacing all 5 files in the DB/SysDB folder. (It seems like both LG Vu CU920 and CU915 have the variations I spoke of prior)

6) Now get back to the LGAPP>Media folder again. Replace the entire Obigo folder (not the one under LGAPP. SO MAKE SURE. The folder has a sim file and an ids folder which leads to a storage folder) with the one in the fix (I have found some variations from the CU915 so this will get rid of the extra files)

7) Hit disconnect, yes for reset, unplug cable, pull out battery, put it back in, turn the phone on

8) Did it work? Go to your music player now and it should list all your songs. If not, see below.

Other interesting information:

The format table of the card does not matter. I have tried both FAT/FAT32 table with music files placed onto card via card reader and thru the phone’s mass storage connection. However, FAT32 does have a better architecture for cards larger than 256mb.

mp3’s not recognized solution (resembles the above if you have a few songs):

**** If you are still encountering issues where some mp3s show but some don’t then you must FIRST remove ALL the tags off those files (i.e. ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags) using a tag editor and THEN put the information back in with a simple right-click, followed by properties, or any ID tag editor with the latest version of tags. If you have a software that you can use to update the tags you can try that first. Update to v2.3 and see if that works.
Download mpFix or see attachment.
Download Simple Tag Editor 05a or see attachment.
To download MP3Tag see click here 

[Via lg-vu.com]

Thanks for: NanoLT


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David McClammy on 27 May, 2009 at 1:51 pm #

Wow worked great!! Someone needs to teach the ATT tech support this trick lol ThanX

the kid on 30 May, 2009 at 11:21 am #

the pbook.vol woulndt delete wat shud i do

skyan on 21 April, 2010 at 6:39 am #

Many thanks for NanoLT’s toturials. Someone needs to train to LG technical team in Vietnam about this :))
@the kid: you can rename it to any name you can imagine and then rewrite it from the same file in mpFix package.

degreat on 13 May, 2012 at 6:07 am #


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