LG Vu iPhonePure v2.0 Theme Download

This LG Vu iPhonePure v2.0 Theme is based off of the iPhone 2.3 theme released by bmxer55. This LG Vu iPhonePure v2.0 Theme is also loosely based off of the HTC Pure phone, with B16redlined and sjla2kology101’s own twists. LG-Vu info

The original version of iPhonePure is needed to use iPhonePure v2.0. LG Cell Phone Software

LG Vu iPhonePure v2.0 Download Link: http://b16redlined.orgfree.com/Version%202.0.rar

Source: http://www.lg-vu.com/index.php?topic=18149.0

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