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PAF files are either single frame .bmp files, or multi-frame animation files. The method in which we are using is probably not the same as the source when they made the animations. We have to resort to frame by frame animation so our mods may not be “fully” animated as AT&T or Rogers originally had them…yet…who knows if there will be another program or not…don’t ask because I don’t know. LG-Vu info

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Short explanation:
This is the best way I can explain the two different file types to you:
PAF3: It builds the images in a sequence using the first frame as its origin, similar to what you see when you type a
         sentence if you understand.
PAF1: Instead of using the first frame as the origin this is progressively using the previous frame to produce the
         next image.
For in depth explanations and to understand where I’m coming from please read the background information found in this post and here.

LG Vu hacks – Paf Modifications Instructions (this will apply for power_on/off, but all other paf will utilize the same steps, depending on file type):
1) Download Russ’s PAF Converter or see his post here. Also have my tutorial handy. Extract them with Winrar or
    something that can handle .rar extensions and read the instructions contained within before proceeding to next
2) So to keep the tutorial as short as possible, I’m going to use the PowerOn PAF from Cingular (but Roger applies
    also and so does the power off). To extract the images and keep it organized, put everything in a new folder
    named whatever. Run Paf Converter, and hit convert, locate the file, file type should be PAF3, so if you read the
    directions, hit yes for first frame. Once it finishes you will have 25 or so images.
3) Now you are ready to edit/make your .bmp images. You can either start a new project under Photoshop or any
    other photo editors (Note: I have provided the PSD files for Photoshop, CS4 if it applies) or just open up one of
    the extracted images and edit that one (just make sure to save the project and export as .bmp with 24 bit
    settings when the time comes). Basiclally, produce your final picture (what your phone will display last in the
    animation) first as it will be easier for me to explain later. It is best if each object/text is on its own layer.

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