LG Vu Glassic Theme V1.0

It’s been a lot of work getting this done, and, sad to say…I still haven’t been able to perfectly complete it…there are a few known issues (possibly just one or two). These issues will probably vary depending on your phone’s model. Nevertheless, it is far past usable.  LG Cell Phone Software

LG Vu Glassic Theme V1.0 Download http://www.lg-vu.com/index.php?topic=15635.0

Default menu appearing when exiting certain menu’s of the phone.
Unexplainable Auto Lock error.

Customizable Favorites Menu
Changeable Homescreen Widget
Wallpaper SlideShow Option
Auto Lock Option
Multiple Menu Styles and Dock Types
Changeable Security Level & Passcode Lock
Games & Apps Screen
Widget Selection Screen
AppLoader (Supports up to 12 different applications)
Glow Color Selection
Changeable Wallpaper Support & Startup Wallpaper

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