LG Vu free ringtones download

My question is this-are there really any website that you have used that does not add a virus or a stipulation or a charge for free LG Vu ringtones? LG-Vu info

Yes, zedge.com is probably the best for your LG Vu phone and very easy to use. About 11 million people sharing their favorite ringtones, wallpapers, videos, themes, games on this site. LG Cell phone Software

Best of all you can make your own ringtones on the site:

Upload your own mp3 music and create unique free ringtones on the fly.

And it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Upload your own audio/MP3 file
  2. Crop the part you want for you ringtone
  3. Upload it to your LG Vu phone

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