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What does the LG Vu world icon mean? It seems to disappear when i turn off the LG Vu phone but turns back on again.

when you first get your LG Vu phone and your plan, the internet thing is set to pay per use or something, and for aim, ATT lets you go on aim for free but each message you send out or receive, it cost 1 text.

when you surf the web with your LG Vu phone, then thats when they start charging you $0.01 per kb/s or something.
that is said from

and those applications they gave you like xm radio or w.e they have warnings telling you it requires internet transfers and it takes up alot of information being sent and recieved SO.. those require internet.
but the things that wont cost you a thing when the earth icon pops up are  the instand messaging programs provided from the phone (not 3rd party ones) will be free  and any kind of texting.

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