LG Vu dictionary applications/software download

Both two dictionaries are free java applications/software for LG Vu, you can download them to your PC and transfer them to your phone via the data cable, then run the .jad or .jar file on your LG VU.

1. BabelDict download:  JAD file (BabelDict-1.7.0.jad)  and   JAR file (BabelDict-1.7.0.jar)













2. memoWORDS 2: JAD file (memoWords.en.jad)  and  JAR file (memoWords.en.jar)

memoWORDS 2












If you do not have a data cable, okey, Downloading them and putting them on your sd card via sd card reader, if you don’t have a sd card reader, okey, just download them to your phone on getjar.com moblie site directly.

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