LG Vu – Deleting Factory Pictures/Ringtones/Videos

Step by Step: LG Vu – Deleting Factory Pictures/Ringtones/Videos

Factory Pictures LG-Vu info
1. Connect LG Vu to BitPim.
2. Go to “View” on BitPim menu and make sure “View Filesystem” is checked
3. Go to Filesystem in left menu
4. Expand Folder
5. Navigate to /LGAPP/Media/Images/Default
6. Delete to you heart’s content. Make sure though that if you have one of those pics set as a wallpaper you change it before you delete it or your phone will start looping on you. (I deleted the .keep picture in there, don’t really know why it is in there. Post any problems you have if you do delete it).

Factory Ringtones
1. Follow steps 1-4 above
2. Navigate to /LGAPP/Media/Midis/RingTone
3. Delete what you don’t like.

Factory Video
1. Follow steps 1-4 at top
2. Navigate to /LGAPP/Media/Videos/Default
3. The stock video is in here. Delete away.

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  1. How can I delete the TV button on the face of my LG VU – I dont use it and it gets turned on by mistake and runs down the battery

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