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Q: What does this(bypass java security) do?  LG-Vu info
A: It allows you to bypass the notifications when running 3rd party applications. (For rogers, it allows you to install 3rd party applications)

Q: Do I have to re-install all the applications that came with the phone?
A: No, you only have to re-install the ones you installed.

Q: Can doing this brick the LG Vu phone?
A: As long as you are following the instructions carefully, then no

Q: Is this bypass reversible? If I follow the instructions in reverse, do I get the default applications back?
A: The bypass is reversible. This “myth” of lost application was due to another thread – in fact no application is lost. One does have to reinstall his/her own applications (which is trivial, since you did it once already)

Q: Is it possible to bypass java security for a single application?
A: No but if you look at the file pointed at the instructions, you’ll find that its possible to select “categories” – for example one could only bypass security for internet usage only.

Q: Are there any side-effect from doing this hack?
A: Not really, just make sure you know what you are installing as doing this hack will allow ANY 3rd party applications to be installed (even some that may be harmful).

    * Latest BitPim software [Official Site] (tested with 1.0.2 + 1.0.5)
    * LG Vu Driver
    * USB Data cable (For those that do not have one, its been reported that the RocketFish USB Cable DOES NOT
       WORK and will ONLY charge your LG Vu phone, also to be noted: make sure it says DATA cable)
    * The correct .pol file for your network provider (they can be found at the bottom of this post)


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