LG Voyager – voicemail trick

This LG Voyager trick will put your voicemail password in automatically to do this go into messages>voicemail # and it should be *86  change it to *86pp(your v.m. password here)#   the p’s being pauses so next time you call your voicemail it will put your password in for you i hope you guys find this usefull.  LG-Voyager info

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One thought on “LG Voyager – voicemail trick”

  1. On the new Voyager you will need to modify this. you cannot use the key pad to edit this entry. so what you need to do is to choose EDIT, then choose OPTIONS>2 second pause>Then enter your password.
    Keep in mind- if someone gets your phone and they know this hack – they have your VM password too.

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