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The LG Voyager V07 Firmware was approved on 1/24/08. You can go to the verizon store for the upgrade, also download from here. LG Cell phone Software

LG Voyager V07 Firmware download:Voyager V07 Firmware bin onlyCheck this HoFo thread for more info or Mark_Venture’s Voyager Flashing Guide

new lg voyager software update on youtube:

The updates in this version I got from this forum:
– Updates and enhancements to HTML browser and user interface
– Fixed to display Option/Mute menu while calling using BT with flip opened
– Fixed an issue where a long DTMF tone does not stop playing on the external screen during a call
– Fixed not to play key tone when volume of keypad is off
– Fixed Bluetooth audio echo on the Jabra BT350
– Updates and enhancements to Bluetooth
– Added enhancement to allow the user to customize the shortcuts on both external and internal LCD

  LG Voyager photos

LG Voyager photos LG Voyager photos


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