LG Voyager tips – Removing original wallpaper

Now I have a problem, is there any way to remove the original wallpaper from the LG Voyager cell phone? May be it can increase the LG Voyager cell phone’s memory, so I can put more wallpapers in my LG Voyager phone not in the memory card. Is this available to deletethe original wallpaper? How can I do that? LG-voyager info

The LG Voyager tips from forum: LG Phone Problem and solution

Yes, you can erase the wallpapers (thinking of you/rose, smile/smiley faces, etc) the 15 or s wallpapers that came on the phone…..this is how.

Go to bitpim……filesystem>brew>mod>10888 list of wallpepers are listed on right panel, right click over the namd and delete…then send phone data. pics will be deleted and if not just restart phone. good luck

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  1. Doesn’t seem to work with the v11 firmware. I can’t even add ringtones, it’s a little frustrating. Although a lot of the bug fixes v11 was sopposed to fix on my phone don’t seem to be working either (yes sw/hw page says vx10kv11).

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