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I recently came across a wonderful feature of my LG Voyager while put on hold for an extended period of time.

You can actually play your mobile games while your waiting litening to that boring elevator muzak.  LG-voyager info

Just pop open your LG Voyager. make sure the screen is clear of any numbers you may have had to dial while on the call by holding the clear key. then open up the main menu by hitting the right soft key and scrolling down to main menu. from there just go to games as you would normally through the get it now icon. pick your favorite game and viola. instant gratification and suspension of bordem.

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A few tips:

This only works with your LG Voyager open. make sure you put your phone on speaker, so you can hear the person return from holding. pick a game where you dont use the number pad too much otherwise you will hear the sound of phone number pressing. this is also a good this to use on long boring confrence calls and the like. but make sure you put    
your LG Voyager on mute 😉 hope this was new and helpful.

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