LG Voyager installing ringtone

Do you know how to put ringtones on your LG Voyager cell phone? Please follow me. LG Randomness

Download the latest Test version of BitPim from sourceforge page


  • Install drivers from the Music Essentials Kit or install the VCast Music Manger from here: V CAST Music Manager Download
  • Plug the LG Voyager cell phone in
  • Start BitPim – Edit > Settings > Browse. Make sure the ‘LGE CDMA USB Serial Port’ is the port being used in the com port field.
  • Set the LG Voyager cell phone type to LG-VX10000 – Get Phone Data
  • Go to Filesystem (if you don’t have the Filesystem link then View > Show Filesystem), expand it, and navigate to \Brew\16452\lk\mr (or \Brew\10889\ringtones)
  • Right click in the mr (or ringtones) folder and select “New”
  • Browse to your ringtone and click “ok”
  • Restart the LG Voyager cell phone.

Nothing other than the Filesystem tab will work unless the phone is supported as an option under “phonetype”.

  • This is similar to the above but first you must pair the LG Voyager cell phone and pc and get the Serial BT DIAG profile to connect one time.
  • With widcomm drivers you have “My Bluetooth Places” – go there and double click on the icon representing your phone.
  • Double click the BT DIAG icon to connect.
  • Take note of the com port that this connection uses (right click on the BT DIAG icon to see the port).
  • Use this in the com port field in BitPim
  • Follow the instructions for USB.

If you have some other Bluetooth drivers the process should be similar.

LG Voyager cell phone photos

LG Voyager cell phone photos

LG Voyager cell phone photos

LG Voyager cell phone photos LG Voyager cell phone photos








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  1. Thank you.. I got it and doing some great stuff already. I transferred my phone book and already adding ring tones!

  2. Thanks for the info. I love LG phones, they are pretty much the best phones out there and easy to toy with.

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