LG Voyager Hidden Services Menu

Do not play with this unless you are familiar with all of the settings listed.  Help will not be offered when you mess up your LG Voyager phone. LG-voyager info

This menu is only accessible while the LG Voyager is flipped open. Type ##PROGRAM10000 (it will appear as ##776472610000) on the QWERTY keypad and then press Send. Enter 000000 for the Service Code.

[edit] Services Menu
[edit] 1. Service Prg.
[edit] 2. Field Tests
Used to record data.
[edit] 3. Network Select
[edit] 4. Data
[edit] 5. WAP Setting

by: lgman050383

[edit] 6. Get It Now settings
[edit] 7. Dual NAM setting

This setting is for when you want a message to pop-up telling you that your battery’s charged!

by: lgman050383


8 thoughts on “LG Voyager Hidden Services Menu”

  1. This is a great piece of info, As i normally kept my phone for charging for hours because i never knew when it will be fully charged. Now i do get a popup message telling battery full. Thanks

  2. the above works with any lg phone. just plug in your model number instead of the “10000” part ##PROGRAM10000

  3. i purchased a lg mobile(kp220) in 2009 feb , and it has a problem with its charger ..its is been not charging properly these days , so i take it to the service center at vijayawada…they did’t get repaired my mobile and very irresponsible , i feel very bad about this…& i’ll never buy any product of LG even if it is pin.

  4. please dont buy any lg mobile they are not giving a better service compared to others………………….. LG MOBILES=LOWEST GUARANTEED MOBILES

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