LG Voyager Hacks Thread

Didn’t see one. Thought there should be on created. I’ll post whatever I can find. I believe that on HowardForums, they have a few people that have developed a few. I’m going to post what they have over there to start.  LG Cell phone Software

Prop’s to “Mark Venture”:

LG Voyager Hacks.

NOTE: some of these hacks work on other LG phones too, like the Venus, enV and chocolate. LG-voyager info

NOTE: These are being added in the order in which they are found/written up… they are NOT grouped together (example: there is info about BitPim at top, middle and bottom, all separated by other Non-BitPim related tips…) LG Phone Problem and solution

NOTE: if you use Internet Explorer, remember you can press CTRL-F on your keyboard to pop-up a FIND box so you can search for text on this page.

information based on -> (can’t post links until I get up to 10). PM me for thread details. I’ll send you the link.

my apologies if I did not give proper credit to those who’s posts I’ve copied from this thread and pasted into this post.

Problems using the Driver CD included with the phone (per me)
For those having problems with the CD and USB Drivers included with the LG Voyager… I did NOT even open the CD… I had the LG drivers installed on my PC for my enV… Plugged in the LG Voyager, and it was fine…

If you need them.. see -> (has a link to them)

Access Service menu… (per FAUguy)
Flip the phone open.
Using the QWERTY keypad, dial ##PROGRAM10000 and then press Send. Then enter 000000. NOTE: use SYM before hitting #… so… Sym 3 Sym 3 p r o g r a m 1 0 0 0 0 send.

Access Service menu… for other LG phones… (like Venus, enV, chocolate)

LGDownload (per me)

No LG Voyager/VX10000 specific .dll for LGDownload has been leaked at this point however… The VX9900 .dll works to put the phone in DM mode as well as edit a few items. The VX9800 .dll also works for editing a few other items.

UPDATE: the VX10000 DLL file has been leaked, along with the VX10KV05 flash file. See the How to flash the LG LG Voyager‘s firmware for more details.

Using Humpa’s MMS server (per Humpa)
MMS hack as described at ->
works as described for the VX9900… This allows all MMS messages sent from your phone to show on thephonecam dot com rather than VZW’s pixplace web site.

Editing the ERI.BIN to change Verizon Wireless (per me)
Editing the ERI.BIN as discribed at ->
works just fine. (change the “Verizon wireless” in the ERI banner)

Using BitPim for Pictures and RingTones (per humpa and me)

Latest verison of bitpim now includes proper LG Voyager/Venus support…You’ll need BitPim 1.0.3 (10 Dec 2007) Or NEWER. If you want to use the GUI part of BitPim, then use the write up from [TheBORG] lower on this page….

or you can use -> VX10K-Bit1.htm for ringtones and pictures directly via the file system.
Also there are instructions to do this accessing the file system below on this page…

Editing the WAP settings via Menu for the LG Voyager (VX10000) (per Humpa)
Note: if you have a Venus, enV or Chocolate see -> FreeWap-LG.htm instead!!

Should not really be needed since to use the LG Voyager, you MUST be on a NationWide plan, and MobileWeb access (i.e. using VZW’s Proxy) is included in the NationWide plans. Using an alternate proxy has not been tested but….

The very last thing in the /browser/setting/fileDB is “srvMenuAccessable” (not sure why they spell accessible wrong) and then the value, which is a 0. Just change that 0 to a 1 and you are able to then edit the WAP Settings via the Service Menu.

i.e. Use BitPim to copy the /browser/setting/fileDB back to the PC.. Use a hex editor and change that 0 to a 1… use Bitpim to overwrite the /browser/setting/fileDB with your edited one. After restarting your phone, access the Service Menu and go -> Wap Setting… and adjust the values as needed.. If you don’t understand this see -> AltWap-VX10K.htm.

(default home page )

Edit the MobileTV Splash Screen (per muzhik)
change the MobileTV splash screen… use BitPim, find brew/mod/31243/splash.bmp save it to your PC, edit it, overwrite the phone copy with the edited one, restart your phone

DUN hack to be able to tether with your Phone as Modem… (per multiple people!)
NOTE: this is against Verizon’s TOS.. so See also the notes a top -> DUN.htm before you proceed.

REMINDER: Unless you subscribe to the Vcast Vpack or BBA option, ALL data is billed at $1.99 per min on the NationWide plans!! so this could get expensive!!!

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